[HF-DNM]™ - also "HumanFlesh Denim" and "HFDNM "- is a Chicago-based designer clothing brand that blends minimalism with conceptualism. But, our pieces are deeper than fabric and deeper than flesh. They are wearable representations of significant moments that bring us closer to embracing our highest, rawest, and most authentic selves.

At [HF-DNM], our motto is simple: "[FLESH] or NOTHING..."

It simply means "Be yourself, and nothing else." By accepting ourselves for who/what we are, we remove the limitations that society attempts to place on us, allowing us to evolve into the types of people who change the world. You only have [ONE-LIFE] on this planet. Why waste it being complacent, when you could be so much more? You were born to make a difference.

We're glad to have you on this journey with us.

Much love.

Kelvin Eugene Harris - Creative Director